The Physical Actor

Started on January 1, 1970

The Physical Actor


Class Description
An exploration and cross training study in multiple Psychophysical Methods for building a strong and present acting instrument, an emotional range and expressive imagination, vulnerability and ensemble creating.

Various Movement methods are examined including: Loyd Williamson’s Physical Process of Acting, Michael Chekhov Technique, Eight RASA-Emotions, Overlie Six-Viewpoints.

These psycho-physical techniques and exercises offer a wide variety of effective physical acting tools which can inspire endless exploration and possibilities for enlarging the actor’s emotive body, physical ease and freedom, inspiring transformation and the actor’s organic connection to their inner life, creative artistic expression and generosity of ensemble collaboration.

Topics explored in this course include:

  • Creating Character Transformations with Michael Chekhov
  • Williamson Technique and Physical Conditions
  • RasaBoxes and Character Atmospheres
  • Archetype and Gesture
  • Psychological Gesture
  • Hagen Conditions
  • Viewpoints Ensemble,
  • Group Atmospheres
  • Where-When and Event Driven Atmospheres
  • Centers, Qualities, and Creating the Character’s Imaginary Body.

Prerequisite:  There is no prerequisite.
This Movement study is for all levels (beginning to advance) of actor training and experience.

The Instructor
Janice Orlandi


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