A Little About Us

We hold the belief that acting is a creative art and excellence can only be achieved through mastery of the actor’s craft.
Every actor needs a technique.

Specialized Acting Classes

John DeSotelle Studio is a uniquely specialized Professional Acting Studio, providing every student a strong, dependable acting foundation based in the work of Sanford Meisner, along with other course offerings designed to work in concert with the full arc of Sanford Meisner’s work. The Studio welcomes all students with a sincere determination to develop their craftsmanship as professional actors.

Great Acting

We also believe great acting is more than just talent; it is about learning a proven, concentrated technique, mastering those skills and then understanding how to work in whatever the situation or role might be.  This demands time, effort and dedication, not only from our acting students but from the Studio itself – its faculty and staff – for it is out of respect for our students’ aspirations that we set our standards of teaching and guidance as high.

High Standards

In keeping with those high standards, Studio classes are kept small and select, offering a caring and supportive environment.  This intimate, personal setting allows greater development  thus resulting in a more dynamic and dependable acting foundation. We will guide any committed actor towards mastery of the full Meisner Acting Technique.



The John DeSotelle Studio a (Meisner Technique based acting school)  works with a simple mission: to provide serious, in-depth actor training, to offer a place for continuing practice for actors in all stages of their careers, to create innovative and impactful theatre from Shakespeare to the modern classics and beyond, and to foster a true community and home for actors, designers, writers, anyone with an artistic dream to gather, collaborate, and grow.


Community is the backbone of creative collaboration, and it is an aspect of our Studio of which we are deeply proud. (Click Here to schedule a tour) Too often, an actor’s training ends once they have just begun to understand their acting technique.  Leaving them wanting the mentorship, friendship, and collaborative opportunities they need to continue to develop their craft. In answer to this, we set out from day one to provide those aspects of training and community: a true hive of creativity and encouragement through which an actor might strengthen their technique/craft and develop their career to its fullest.

Cold Reading Nights

Yet another practice opportunity; we hold regular, monthly ” Cold Reading Nights“, at which all may gather to practice and enjoy the company of peers, sitting down at a table together over a potluck and a play.  But most importantly – to Practice, Practice, Practice!

Cup Of Coffee

All regular workshops offer outreach to those looking for a place to begin, or continue a path they wish to revisit.

Our expert staff are always ready with a cup of coffee and an attentive ear, and our student library is always open for perusal.

Beyond The Classroom

Our students in training Also enjoy rehearsal space without charge, and unrivaled mentorship from our teachers and colleagues, as well as exposure to master teachers, artists, and many production companies who frequent our classrooms and stage.

Director? Playwright? Designer?

For those artists drawn towards directing, design, play writing or producing find equal encouragement and opportunity to pursue their art, and are always given professional guidance, and opportunity.

Practice Practice!

Both first and second year students are given the challenge of producing their own festivals, with a deliberate touch of support and empowerment, designed to give them the experience and confidence to create their own work and further practice their acting technique.

Professional Theatre

We are one of only a few Studios to have their own in house theatre space, Nubox Theater a beautiful 50 seat fully equipped black box theater. Giving you the artist another opportunity to practice your craft.  Parlor Plays, and the Studio Series along with the many readings.

After completion of the second year of training actors and artists are invited to audition for the Nuance Theatre Co., a professional theater company associated with John DeSotelle Studio.

The John DeSotelle community does not close to its members upon completion of a program, but is continuously enriched and expanded by those who add their spark: and all are welcome to come through our open doors.

MEISNER PROFESSIONAL ACTING - Interviewing for the Fall Session

SCENE STUDY - starts July 2

THE PHYSICAL ACTOR - Weekend Boot Camp - June 29 & 30