Meisner Actor Workout

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Meisner Actor Workout

$75/ 4-weeks

What is it?
Just as professional athletes attend pre-season training camp and then continue to practice throughout their season, every actor – whether in training or already in the professional arena – should revisit the fundamentals of their foundational technique and continue to practice in order to refresh, exercise and strengthen their skills.

The workout is a great time to prepare and energize your craft in a comfortable setting with like-minded artists. 

Think of it as your Meisner Gym!

Each participant will practice at their current level.  Some workout days we may mix it up a bit. Actors can bring in a monologue or an audition piece to work on. There may be opportunities to cold read or we can just work the basics – repetition, activities, door work, impediments, etc.

Prerequisite: You are currently in a full-training program or have completed your training in the Meisner work.

Note – You do not need to have trained at our Studio. You are still invited to join the Meisner Work-out. However, an interview and tour is required for actors new to the Studio.

John DeSotelle / Guest Instructors TBA

2-3 hours (dependent upon number of attendees each class)

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