Meisner Through the Lens

Started on April 29, 2023

Meisner Through the Lens


Class Description

Did you know that Sanford Meisner served for years as the head of 20th Century Fox’s Talent Division and in doing so, brought his actor process to the art of acting for the screen?

Every actor needs a solid technical basis from which they can create characters and performances. The best acting technique concentrates on extensive training for stage, physical work and voice focusing on live stage performances.  But how do you translate that in-depth, intensive training to the screen – be it film, television, or video?

The simplicity of Meisner’s foundation work is world-renowned and widely used not just for the stage, but for the fundamental requirements of film and television.

  • Integrate “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances” on camera and incorporate the core elements of Meisner training.
  • Improve truthful, conversational reality and communication becoming more receptive to your acting partner’s behavior.
  • Develop individualized, reliable skills and increased confidence for on-camera work.
  • Acquire a fresh, new perspective of the Meisner process.
  • Gain keen insight into your own capacity for truth in a performance.

Prerequisite: You are currently in training or have completed your training in the Meisner technique.

About the Instructor
Gene Terruso

11am start
2-2 1/2 hours per class (dependent upon number of attendees each session)

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