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Class Description
This course is a dynamic, integrated approach to improve breath support, tone, range, articulation, flexibility, strength, and stamina – freeing the voice into an active, elastic instrument.

“But the voice of a great actor is not merely a machine for speaking words audibly: it is a rare instrument that, by the precise use of a thousand delicately  graded tones, expresses the slightest nuance of thought and feeling.”  Eva Le Gallienne  

Introduction to the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) – working toward mastery of American English Vowels and Consonant sounds, and the elimination of regional or foreign accents, increase clarity and begin the mastery of American Standard Speech.

Additional focus on relaxation, breathing, resonance and volume – essential for an actor to be heard on stage, to yell and shout without vocal damage, and to whisper, cry and speak at low volume and still be understood by the audience..

Prerequisite: None
If you have not trained at the Studio or are not currently a student, you are still invited to join the Voice class.

About the Instructor
Mickey Pantano

2-3 hours (dependent upon number of attendees each session)

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