Scene Study

Started on July 14, 2021

Scene Study


Class Description
The Scene Study class provides the most effective opportunity to continue to practice, train and advance an actor’s strengths during the rehearsal process.

Actors should ALWAYS be training – ALWAYS building upon the fundamentals of their craft.

Using script analysis, character development, behavior, specificity, objectives, actions and relationships, the workshop concentrates on personal process and the practical aspects of building on the actor’s existing set of skills.  Materials chosen emphasize each actor’s growth.

Constant practice breeds certainty and expertise, resulting in greater confidence and
success in the audition room, on stage, and on set.

Scene Study at the Studio provides a platform for actors to practice their craft, unleash their imagination, take risks, experiment, and stretch outside their comfort zones cultivating a more in-depth understanding of their acting instrument as they work towards a deeper, richer character role.

Keep your Body / Voice / Mind  Creative, Active and Strong.

Prerequisite: You are currently in 2nd year training or have completed your training in the Meisner work or equivalent acting technique. (You do not have to have been trained in the Meisner technique.  However, you must have a way to work.)   If you have not trained at the Studio or are not currently a student, you are still invited to join the class. However, an interview and possible audition is required for actors new to the Studio.

John DeSotelle

3-4 hours once per week (dependent upon number of attendees each session)
Outside rehearsal in addition to class is required.

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