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We are not your normal rental studio

John DeSotelle Studio is a multifaceted studio facility offering rehearsal, teaching, media and theater rental spaces.  The Studio is located adjacent to the New York City theatre district in Hell’s Kitchen. (754 Ninth Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets)

John DeSotelle Studio and The NuBox (black box theatre) encompass two floors with 2 furnished teaching classrooms, a 3rd multi-use space for classes, on-camera as well as a small performance venue.  Also available is a fully equipped Media studio for self-tapes, podcast, voice and music recording, along with a beautiful 40-seat black box theatre, a community kitchen, library, a wide collection of props, sitting area and a welcoming lobby with a charming parlor and old book-store ambience.

Our studio rental spaces are an ideal venue for a variety of uses – rehearsals, classes, workshops, events, theater, and film.

  • Acting
  • Voice / Speech
  • Monologues
  • Scene Work
  • Movement
  • Readings
  • Showcases
  • On Camera
  • Coaching
  • Auditions
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Film / Photo Shoots
  • Full Theatrical Productions
Studio A
Studio B
Williamson Studio
Media Studio
Photo of The NuBox stage

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Acting Classroom/Rehearsal Space
Furnished 23' x 18' studio.
$36 per hour

$22 / hour day of rate

Actor prep area. Access to studio props and furniture.
Second door in playing area for entrances/exits. Two-row seating.
Dimmable track lighting. Air Conditioned.
Occupancy – 14


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Acting Classroom/Rehearsal Space
Furnished 19' x 17' studio
$32 per hour

$19 / hour day of rate

Two-row seating. Access to studio props and furniture.
Two entrances/exits. Dimmable track lighting. Air Conditioned.
Occupancy – 16


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Acting Classroom/On-Camera/Rehearsal/Performing Space
Spacious 23' x 18' multi-purpose room
$40 per hour

$24 / hour day of rate

 Four large windows with natural light (lining 9th Avenue).
Black curtains to block light and create a small performance space.
Portable stereo/speaker system.  Access to Studio furniture and props.
Large screen TV and blue wall for on-camera work.
Dimmable track lighting. Air conditioned.
Occupancy – 20


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Multi-purpose Voice, Music, Video Space
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A multifunctional space designed to handle everything from
self tapes, filming and voiceover recording to podcasts and music recording/production.

Also ideal for meetings, coaching, Zoom and video presentations.

Fully equipped with professional audio recording and mixing capabilities

with top of the line equipment and software as well as a sound-proof recording booth.

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Our Black Box
The NuBox is 30’ x 23’, The stage area measures 22.5’ x 16 ft.
Please contact us for hourly and event rates

The NuBox is a flexible performance, rehearsal and teaching space.

As a teaching studio the space comes complete with furniture, props, dimmable
track lighting and 3 back stage entrances and exits.
This space caters to a variety of master scene study, workshops, seminars, rehearsals, events and film shoots.


As a performance venue, this intimate black box is equipped with full professional light and sound systems and a back stage area.
Tiered seating (with comfortable cushioned chairs) can accommodate 40 audience members.
Studio furniture and props are available for use to help with the cost of your staging needs.
Perfect for staged readings, showcases and intimate yet full productions.
Audience Seating – 40
Occupancy – 55


  • Theater Seating
  • Photo of The NuBox stage

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