Acting is not just talent

….. and it takes more than a few acting classes; it requires mastering a solid Acting technique, building upon and practicing a skill-set and then understanding how to work in any situation and in any role – whether on stage or in front of a camera. All which demands time, hard work and commitment.  Our Studio and training program was crafted specifically for the Sanford Meisner Technique – with the highest standards and commitment that the best actor is a truthful and authentic actor.  We are dedicated to preparing artists for the demanding needs of the theatre, film and television industry.

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Coming Up

The Physical Actor Boot Camp

29 Jun - 30 Jun 24

Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 5pm
Weekend Actor Boot Camp
Beginner to Advanced Level Actors

Studio Reading Night – Measure for Measure

29 Jun - 29 Jun 24

Saturday, June 29
6pm Refreshments, 6:30pm start.
Williamson Room

Scene Study

02 Jul - 06 Aug 24

Next Session starts July 2

productions and festivals

Students of the Meisner Technique

The Space In Between

A Studio Series Festival

From the Shadows

And you thought Halloween was over……

A Studio Series Festival


A Studio Series Production

Reach Out

A Mental Awarenes Festival of New Works

Once Upon A Dream

A Studio Series Festival


What Our Students Say

I didn’t know how to act at all until I took the Meisner class from John. Aside from his incredible teaching skills, he genuinely wants all of his students to learn. I have never had a teacher that made me feel like he sincerely wanted me to grow and prosper from this work. Because of that I learned to trust him and everything he says fully. Though he might not take credit for it, John is the best mentor I have ever known and thanks to him I am not scared to say I AM an actor.



A home for serious actors to train and perform. The dedication of John DeSotelle to his students is unlike any other teacher I’ve ever had. This is the place to go if you want to take your art and acting to the next level. An artistic home; a studio that is a rare gem of honesty and hard work in a world of cookie-cutter studios & actors.



You will not find a better place to learn the Meisner technique or practice your craft. Class sizes are small and the amount of one on one attention is unparalleled. John takes his time with each student, never rushing the process and making what feels like a personal investment in the individual artist. I have a BFA, have trained with several studios/teachers around the city, and I can honestly say, I’ve had my biggest artistic growth here.



I came to John because I felt like my technique was sloppy and incomplete. I knew that he had the skills to reinforce and deepen what I already knew, and also to take me to new levels of my acting craft. The training was not easy. I was not allowed to hide behind my strengths or persist in my weaknesses. John knew when to push and when to let me toss around. By virtue of this struggle, I’ve emerged with a complete acting foundation that I can apply to every avenue of my art and craft. Be it experimental theatre or an independent film, I now have the skills and the confidence to always know how to work.



John is an extraordinary teacher who cares deeply about the individual student, working with them at their own level while keeping them on the right arc.  He is compassionate, talented, and a true Renaissance man.  No doubt in my mind, one of the top Meisner teachers in New York.  His class is a path to artistry and his ethics are unparalleled.



He’s so open with his time, all of the time… he’s so compassionate, and so passionate about what he does.



This is without a doubt one of the most incredible places to train as an actor. John DeSotelle is a master teacher who teaches the Meisner technique with a dedication and a passion that just isn’t seen anymore. Everything that is done here is magnificently crafted – from the classes that are put together to the plays that are produced. Put simply, John DeSotelle has created more than just another studio: he has created a HOME for actors and that is truly something to be grateful for in this city. I am honored to be a part of this company.



I have learned through studying the Meisner technique – listening, truth, crafting, point of view, actions and that acting is about the work – a mantra that you will hear John say over and over again.  John is 100% committed to seeing that you get the most out of your training. He will never stop pushing you to reach further. Once you are his student, you can be guaranteed that he will never stop teaching you, caring about your growth or supporting your success.


John’s passion for teaching is infectious. He has a unique way of expanding your perspectives and shattering your preconceived ideals. Through the step by step process of the Meisner technique and the steadfast notion that absolute truth is of the utmost importance and at the heart of all good work, he challenges you to dig deep and demands the best from you. And before you know it you will do and be more than you ever thought possible.


MEISNER PROFESSIONAL ACTING - Interviewing for the Fall Session

SCENE STUDY - starts July 2

THE PHYSICAL ACTOR - Weekend Boot Camp - June 29 & 30