Actor Training at the Studio

To deliver that remarkable performance audiences will always remember takes more than raw talent.

Acting can be a fun and rewarding vocation.  It is a creative art that requires skill and mastery of a technical craft.  Just like a professional athlete training is crucial and ongoing practice, essential.

Great acting is more than learning a few tool-box methods;  it is a commitment to studying a solid technique and recognizing how to work in any situation; and it is a process of self-discovery through hard work and a willingness to see the world around you with eyes wide open.

We understand that and we are dedicated to helping you find in yourself the greatest actor and artist that you can be.

The Studio offers some of the best conservatory-style, professional training in NYC – more affordable, smaller classes and with opportunities to practice and create while you train. Classes can be taken individually or through our Core Training program offering the most concentrated and effective foundational technique.

Meisner Acting

Why Meisner ?

John DeSotelle believes every actor needs to find the acting approach that works best for them. His experiences and that of so many others in the industry led him to train in the technique established by Sanford Meisner’s work – one of the most renowned, challenging and compelling foundational acting techniques employed world-wide.  Its study and consistent practice produces some of the strongest, most authentic and spontaneous expressions of human reactions and emotional truths, as many disciples of the technique who have experienced long and distinguished careers can attest: i.e. James Gandolfini, Chadwick Boseman, Naomi Watts, Robert Duvall, Jon Voight, Mary Steenburgen, Stephen Colbert, Jeff Goldblum .…

Core Training

The Studio provides first and second year professional training through a Core Program built around the full arc of the Meisner Acting Technique, along with physical movement for the actor with a concentration in the Williamson Movement method and Voice work  – encompassing the fundamental disciplines required for a recognized Meisner actor…..

Just Beginning?

You’ve always dreamed about becoming an actor. Aunt Myrtle and your best friend told you you should be on stage! Perhaps you have done some background work on a movie, performed in several school or community plays, auditioned for a commercial or television series. Or perhaps you’ve been away from acting for a while and have a few cob-webs to brush off…

Whatever the case, you’ve probably asked yourself one or more of these questions more than once – “Where do I start? I don’t know anything about acting; how do I do this?  Which class do I take? There are so many places that offer classes, who’s the best one for me?”   Sound familiar?

Master Classes

As with any competitive business, if you want to be really good at something you need to continually practice, find classes and workshops that will hone your skills and enrich your craft all to remain viable and prepared for the next job, the next opportunity.

The Studio spans beyond the two-year core training program to address the life of the actor from student to long-term professional by offering a variety of events and courses at various times throughout the year.  We also offer opportunties to stay connected with networking events and collaborative projects.

MEISNER PROFESSIONAL ACTING - Interviewing for the Fall Session

SCENE STUDY - starts July 2

THE PHYSICAL ACTOR - Weekend Boot Camp - June 29 & 30