actor training

Just Beginning?

You’ve always dreamed about becoming an actor.
Aunt Myrtle and your best friend told you you should be on stage! Perhaps you have done some background work on a movie, performed in several school or community plays, auditioned for a commercial or television series…  Or perhaps you’ve been away from acting for a while and have a few cob-webs to brush off…

Whatever the case, you’ve probably asked yourself one or more of these questions more than once –
“Where do I start?”
“I don’t know anything about acting, how do I do this?”
“Which class do I take?”
“Do I really need training and a technique?”
“There are so many places that offer classes, who’s the best one for me?” 

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. So we get it.

Good news – You’ve already taken the first step by admitting that you need to learn and take some classes.  Perhaps you also have bravely been looking around at a number of Studios and teachers.  It is truly important to find a teacher you feel comfortable with and a Studio that you feel welcomed in.

Here at the Studio we have a great class called ACTING – The Beginning – whether new to acting or looking to or lose those cob webs – this is a fantastic way to get your “feet wet”  and it is taught by a professional actor and master teacher.

We are also here and available to meet with you. Whether with the Studio director, an alumni, or current student, we encourage you to chat with us and share your story and your aspirations.  It is important to determine the way you can become the best actor and artist you can be. We can show you around and direct you toward the most effective opportunities that will help you meet those goals.

MEISNER PROFESSIONAL ACTING - Interviewing for the Fall Session

Class is Full! SCENE STUDY - starts July 2

Class is Full! THE PHYSICAL ACTOR - Weekend Boot Camp - June 29 & 30