actor training

Core Training Program

The Core Actor Training Program truly embraces the Studio Mantra:
Train   .   Practice   .   Perform

Meisner Acting Technique

Meisner Acting Classes NYC is a professional acting program built around the full arc of the Sanford Meisner Acting Technique.  In addition, Actors will be challenged with  Physical Movement for the actor (the Williamson Movement method) as well as Voice and Speech classes.  These three core disciplines form a perfect marriage of Acting, Movement (the physical body), and voice skills; all essential for an accomplished actor/artist.

Free Acting Classes

Further occasion to practice comes through participation in optional monthly Meisner Actor Workouts.  While Actor Workouts are open to all Meisner actors they’re FREE to all CORE students during both the first and second year.  This is a tremendous opportunity to master your craft through practice. Also, a great opportunity to network with studio graduates.

Rounding out the CORE Training Program is a year-end full performance opportunity.  Allowing each Meisner Acting student in NYC classes exposure to all areas of theater production.  Thus learning to cast, write, direct and produce a full production.

More Than Meisner

Supplementary classes or workshops in other disciplines are offered periodically as options to further strengthen actor training.  While these other classes and experiences are tremendously valuable and encouraged, we understand the time and financial contraints of our CORE students and allow each individual to customize their training experience as as they see fit.  These additional classes (provided at discounted rates to CORE students) may include On-Camera Auditioning, Clown, Stage Combat, Chekhov, Playwriting for the Actor, Theater History and Career Intelligence seminars, with How to Be a Working Actor noted Author Mari Lyn Henry.

Our Core Training Program encompasses the full arc of the Meisner Acting Technique, Voice, Williamson Movement and Physical Training.