Meisner 1

core training program

Meisner - 1st year


M1 Program

The Meisner 1st year (M1) work is critical for the successful development of a solid and effective acting foundation.

The technique uses a layering approach of form, exercises and improvisation that sheds defenses and reveals a more receptive, vulnerable and open actor. Vocal work along with relaxation and breathing is emphasized freeing the voice into an active, elastic instrument, while the physical process of the Williamson Movement technique focuses on the body’s imagination and emotional connection.  These three components lay the strongest groundwork for further study in crafting a truthful and dynamic character in the 2nd year work.

Year-end performance opportunities will include a Studio Student Series Festival


PLEASE NOTE: A full year of the Meisner 1st year technique is a prerequisite for consideration and invitation to the 2nd year work. Intensives or workshops in Meisner will not fulfill the skills necessary for successful completion of this critical level.

The full 1st year program is divided into two 16-week semesters.

For early enrollment students we have included a bonus 2 classes at the beginning of the first semester delving into the exploration of imagination and creativity of the Actor. A dynamic session taught by Mickey Pantano.

Final determination of acceptance will be made after a personal interview.

Next Session Begins :
January  2023


MEISNER PROFESSIONAL ACTING - Interviewing for Next Session

SCENE STUDY - 6 Weeks - Starts February 7