Meisner 2

core training program

Meisner - 2nd year

Spoon Rivers

M2 Program

The focus of the second year work is character.  The foundation has been laid and the actor is ready to delve into exploring the many facets of character work by applying the first year’s skills and processes through layering on the different aspects of crafting a role.

The M2 program provides the continuation and mastering of the Acting, Voice/Speech and Movement techiques as experienced in the M1 year.  With the basics set, a more in-depth focus on skills and their practical application through the creation and embodiment of characters is sought, as is the ability to craft independently and offer consistency and reliability with each role.

Year end opportunities with Studio Series Productions or Festivals are available
as is the development of a solo-piece for performance as independent work.


Additional courses included in the Full 2nd year program include Combat, Script Analysis, On Camera, Career Intelligence and Clown or Mask.

The M2 Program is divided into two 16-week sessions.

Meisner 2nd year (M2) is very rigorous and demanding of your time, commitment and our standard of excellence.  Outside rehearsal is expected.

PLEASE NOTE:  The second year training is by invitation and is offered only to those students who have successfully completed the first year work from a qualified teacher.  All new students to the Studio must interview and possibly audition for the Director.  Final determination of acceptance will be made after a personal interview.

Next Session :
Fall 2023


MEISNER PROFESSIONAL ACTING - Interviewing for Next Session

ACTING - The Beginning - Summer Session starts June 15