Meisner Actor Workout

Started on January 1, 1970

Meisner Actor Workout


Class Description
Whether a beginner or already in the professional arena the Meisner Actor Workout is a time to come and practice, exercise, and refresh your craft under the guidance of a Master Teacher. Each participant will practice at their current level.

Think of it as your local Meisner Gym!

Just as professional athletes attend pre-season training camp and continue to practice throughout their season, every actor should continue to practice and revisit the basic principles of their foundational technique in order to enhance their skills – repetition, emotional preparation, text work.

Prerequisite: You are currently in training or have completed your training in the Meisner technique.
If you have not trained at the Studio or are not currently a student, you are still invited to join the Meisner Work-out. Interview is required for actors new to the Studio.

About the Instructor
John DeSotelle / TBA

2-4 hours (dependent upon number of attendees each session)

Days of Week

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